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Perry County

Perry County

Diagnosed at age 47

I found a lump. I’ll just go for my third mammogram, and it will be a cyst or something benign; after all, I don’t have a history of breast cancer in my family. The doctor ordered an ultrasound, came in, and gave me the worst news of my life. “I’m sorry, but you have breast cancer.” My life changed forever from those words. I had stage 1B ER+/HER2-, and in 9 months I would be told I now have stage IV metastatic breast cancer in my bones. Life is hard; a piece of my heart is gone with my old self, but I get up every day and thrive. Some days are just easier than others. God has given me words of comfort, “come to me,” “be still,” and “don’t be afraid.” My grandma Ruth, God rest her soul, enlightened me with “keep going.” My family (and dogs) and friends are my biggest support, but my support group has helped me in other areas of hope and healing. I had to learn to love myself all over again. I take one day at a time and enjoy the moment I’m in.

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